The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) uses a high-value whole life insurance policy as a financing tool. Instead of turning to banks for loans, you can create your own bank by using dividend-paying, permanent life insurance for your loan and cash flow needs.  Created by our mentor R. Nelson Nash, the principles of infinite banking are built on the philosophy of sound financial decisions, personal responsibility, and living within your means to safely and securely grow lasting wealth. We work only with the most established and reputable insurance providers who have a decades-long track record of going above and beyond serving their customers. With infinite banking, you’re in charge of your own money.

• We begin with a free consultation where you’ll meet with our team of experts to explore your financial independence options.

• We will walk you through the process of using your whole life policy to provide for your financing and cash flow needs. 

• We help increase the efficicency of your personal economy by helping you avoid both hidden financial fees and lost opportunity costs of using and deploying your own cash.

Reaching financial independence is simple. It’s part of why we believe in teaching and sharing the knowledge we’ve gained with our clients. A properly structured banking policy is the only one that can perform multiple financial functions simultaneously without being weakened, because our accounts are true capital. Empowering people to take control of their finances is our life’s work, and we’re proud to share these life-changing strategies with our clients. Before we meet, prepare to see your finances from a whole new perspective, have an open mind to what’s truly financially possible, and get ready to watch your wealth grow more than you ever imagined.

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