your money should work for you.


Your money shouldn’t empower the banking system and line the pockets of Wall Street. Your earnings should work to increase your wealth and lead you to the life of your dreams. That’s the vision of our mentor and founder of the Infinite Banking Concept, R. Nelson Nash, and it’s the same vision we bring to all our clients. 

Our team of expert financial advisors has decades of experience guiding clients toward financial freedom. Let us walk you through the privatized banking process to show you how you can take control of your money and grow wealth on your own terms. We specialize in teaching you the foundations of infinite banking and educating our clients about the strategies that high income earners have used for generations.

With integrity, honesty, and transparency, we are committed to sharing our wealth accumulation strategies with our clients so that you can create your own financial future.

MEET SCOTT Crutchfield

OVER 20 Years Experience

Founder and President Scott Crutchfield has devoted his life to serving others. A veteran of the United States Air Force, Scott spent decades guiding clients toward building wealth safely and effectively as a trusted financial advisor. He draws on his wealth of experience working with several trusted financial institutions to help customers take control of their money and their future. In 2006, Scott started Wellington Capital Reserve, based on the Nelson Nash Infinite Banking Concept. This powerful strategy has empowered hundreds of clients to create their own banking system on their own terms. Scott and his team at Wellington Capital Reserve provide a wide range of services, including:

• Client education
• Income and expense analysis
• Employment benefits
• Cash management
• Retirement planning
• Insurance review
• Higher education savings
• Estate planning
• Personal property analysis

Based in Traveler’s Rest South Carolina, Scott has four children and five grandchildren and loves spending time with them whenever he can.

MEET Kevin Jardet

OVER 33 Years Experience

OVER 30 Years Experience

Kevin Jardet is a business owner and entrepreneur with decades of experience starting and building successful businesses. He has experience helping business owners and professionals leverage their resources to protect their wealth and avoid high taxation. Kevin loves to help clients learn about the Infinite Banking Concept where they can create and preserve wealth on their own terms.

Kevin has five children and enjoys boating, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

MEET Lawrence Sin

OVER 28 Years Experience

OVER 30 Years Experience

Since 1993, Lawrence has been helping families and business owners make wise insurance decisions. Working exclusively in the life and health insurance markets, he has assisted hundreds of clients in protecting themselves, their families, and their employees from life's surprises. As a young boy who lost his father unexpectedly in 1969, he was the beneficiary of his father's wise planning. He is well versed in Life Insurance, Long Term Care planning, Medicare, and employee benefits. Lawrence loves how the Infinite Banking Concept gives his clients satisfaction and peace of mind, along with financial independence. Lawrence is married and has two children. He enjoys playing tennis, working out, and traveling internationally.


OVER 13 Years Experience

OVER 30 Years Experience

Ben has a heart to serve others. He's been helping families improve their financial situations in various capacities since 2009. Long before becoming an advisor with Wellington Capital Reserve, Ben was one our valued clients. He saw firsthand how the Infinite Banking Concept could help him build wealth and create a legacy in his family for generations to come. He became so passionate about the impact it made in his own life that he "had no choice but to join the team." Ben is devoted to spreading the message about the Infinite Banking Concept and helping people take greater control of their own money to build lasting wealth. Much of Ben's success is due to his supportive wife and 4 children. He enjoys traveling with his family and creating unique experiences.

MEET Mark Knight

OVER 30 Years Experience

Executive Director Mark Knight has years of management experience in both business and non-profit sectors. He seeks to serve clients through a focus on process and efficiency, and he works to make sure Wellington Capital Reserve's clients come first. Mark is a firm believer in freedom and choices, especially when it comes to a client and their hard-earned savings. He helps clients leverage their capital to open up options and build generational wealth. He also works to make the process as quick and seamless as possible for every client.

Mark enjoys anything outdoors, especially hiking and snow skiing. He loves spending time with his family and serves as a community mentor for young men and fathers.


Our goal is to make your future more successful, no matter your experience level.
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